About us

About Us

SoftZone is a specialized IT company that provides software solutions and provide the best systems to manage your business successfully. Solving your problems is what we do. We do not rest until we give you the best. Your success is our success.


  • Dealing with all the factors, creative, unique and different way shorten time-to-success .
  • Planning and analysis of the ideas of the important factors in business fast and distinct manner accomplish .
  • Administrative style conscious and resolute in solving problems is simple and easy way to access important reason to Success


  • We are always looking for ways to improve our business make us go into the competition so we think outside the box and unconventional way
  • The biggest challenge is to provide a non-familiar solutions and implementation of unconventional things always makes us different


Considered SoftZone one of the leading names in the provision of electronic solutions and is proud of obtaining the trust of customers, they are hand local qualified and with extensive experience in the field, working to provide unique solutions for both businesses and individuals, and is its services to provide solutions and web solutions, e-commerce and e-marketing, whether balanchea and consulting or management of thses projects.

Web Developement

We keeping up build application with the latest technologies and create interactivity application to create something unique and beautiful in the same time ..

Mobile apps Developement

We create mobile application services to keeping Space with progress and using technologies for the most popular platforms (IPhone - Android).

Web Design

We take care that each design to be a suitable and attractive to work for the client and easy to deal with it.

Desktop applications

Our mission is to create software products that anticipate our clients’ needs, facilitate their business .

Recent Projects

Always strive to be our projects in various fields

KMS manage the innovations, relationships, and transactions that carry ideas forward to commercial realization. Inteum integrates all aspects of your portfolio into one intuitive platform that you can access from anywhere.

Entrepreneurship Gate is aportal services to facilitate procedures for citizens to apply for funding for their own projects to the King Salman Institute and from Saudi Credit & Savings bank and follow-up orders from the institute and the bank's branches.

OBEZONE Assists institutions of higher learning in preparing for accreditation And Provide Evidence of the attainment of learning outcome.

  • Time Saving.
  • Easy to manage teaching plan.
  • Facilitates To follow-up all program in collage .
  • Automated Report generate.
  • Easy Access any time any where.

ARCHIVEZONE is designed to manage.

  • Reduce time.
  • User friendly.
  • Give permissions to folder and files for each user.
  • Create an administrative structure.
  • user can view their folder and files in fast and easy way.
  • Manager can control his employee folder and files easily.

Is a new system that is based on the establishment of new projects or the expansion of projects, and then the portal is its main goal is to provide all means for the establishment of new and pioneering projects and work on the development and modernization of entrepreneurial work

SHARIK System facilitate procedures to attend all conferences and Activities of King Salman Institute for Entrepreneurship .


Job description

We are seeking Web developer with Bachelor Degree from Computer Engineering OR Computer science .

Job Requirement

  • Strong experience with the C# programming language and object-oriented programming.
  • Experience in .NET, ASP.NET 4.5 (Webforms and MVC) , C#, Javascript ,Jquery , Web services, Ajax,and SQL Server .
  • Good Communication Skills .
  • Flixability .
  • Ability To Work In Team .

Experience: 1+ years

For more information, contact us at info@soft-zone.net

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